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Ivana, you’ve been working for 6 years in the Dubai real estate market. What is the biggest change you have observed between then and now?

“6 years ago, the Real Estate market in Dubai was completely different. At that time, it was a seller’s market; there was no mortgage cap and from 2013 DLD fees were increased from 2 % to of 4 %. It was common back then that sellers got a higher offer as soon as they accepted the existing one, or used the initial offer as leverage. Today it is buyer’s market and our job is to teach our clients how to invest their money wisely.

You joined haus & haus 5 years ago, covering the Dubai Marina area. How would you describe your clients: who are they and why do they prefer this area, be it for investment or their place to live?

“My clients are from all around the World. They are buying for both investment and for self-occupation since Dubai Marina is a very popular area for both. The beauty of Dubai is that due to its central location geographically there is a real diversity of nationalities. For myself, this is what I love about my job. Meeting and negotiating with many different people.

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What would you say to those who believe using a real estate broker is a waste of money?

“My clients know they will save a lot of time and effort if they use a broker as finding a new home can be a real headache. A professional broker will use expert knowledge, save clients’ time and more importantly save money in finding them a dream home. My clients are always happy to pay as they know what kind of service they will receive with haus & haus, and myself personally. You would not think of pulling your own teeth out yourself – you would go to a professional. It is the same in real estate – if you try and do it yourself it is likely to be a painful process! The governing body RERA, also acknowledge that only licensed professionals should be operating in the sector.

I love this job and my clients feel that when I’m finding a home for them, it’s as if I’m trying to find a home for myself.

A lot of clients are coming back themselves, or are referring business to you. What is your secret for that success?

“Trust is the most important thing. I work hard to build long-term relationships with my clients and they are very loyal to me. I love this job and my clients feel that when I’m finding a home for them, it’s as if I’m trying to find a home for myself. I am always honest with my clients and
for myself, the most important thing is to see them happy. The majority of my work is based on referrals. Building such a network takes time but it is definitely worth giving 100 % to all clients in the long run.”

Do you think in 10 years Dubai Marina will be still an attractive area to live in?

“I’m covering Dubai Marina as I believe that it is one of the most beautiful areas in Dubai. It is fast paced, exciting and to be honest even after so many years here it still does not fail to impress me – I am passionate about the area that I work. Dubai’s market is one of the most buoyant in the World and people will always be interested to invest in secure areas with a great location, good amenities, short walking distance to the beach, high quality developments and amazing views which you can all find in Dubai Marina.”


“Absolutely nothing about herself can she do better because Ivana was the best. I was happy she was the one to finally sell my apartment. I will recommend her to anyone I know in Dubai selling or looking for a property.” (Jane)

“She is very professional. She knows everything about Dubai Marina and her other areas and is always on time. She is 100% fantastic. I want to continue doing business with her.” (Gayane)

“From the first conversation with her to the end of our deal she was simply amazing. I really can’t say enough good things about her. We were so lost in the Dubai market until we met her (...) She is knowledgeable, personable, endlessly patient, incredible generous with her time, very honest, professional and helpful (...) And we highly recommend her to anyone!!!(Mira & Daniel)

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