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Harrison, before joining haus & haus you were working in financial sales in London. What made you change your field of work – and why the real estate?

“Before Dubai, I spent 4 years in London working for a corporate Foreign Exchange Specialist, which was very much an office based job. The main reason for the switch to real estate in Dubai is that I’m a people person! Going out meeting clients on a daily basis and having genuine job satisfaction in finding people homes is much more fulfilling. I’m much happier in my job role, therefore more successful in it!“


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It’s been 12 months since you joined haus & haus. What would you say describes best your organisation?

“The team! The support system in haus & haus is strong which really boosts us all to give 110% in our day to day duties. Having both a good working and personal relationship with colleagues has made the job easy, I look forward to waking up and going to work every day! Everyone motivates and pushes each other constantly!”

If you are a hard worker, being a real estate broker is an easy job.

What is the best part of your job and what is the most challenging?

“The best part of my job is the satisfying feeling that comes with finding good people their new homes; it genuinely makes me happy when I find a client their ideal place to live. I would say the most challenging aspect of being a real estate broker is dealing with landlords/tenants who have an inaccurate view in what current market prices are. Landlords think agents are here to bring down prices to close a deal and tenants think agents are trying to bring prices up to earn more money; whereas this simply isn’t the case! Our job is to match people to homes and then educate those involved of the true market value of a property so everyone gets a fair deal.”

What would you advise to a new applicant who wants to become a real estate broker? As per your experience what skills guarantees for success?

“If you are a hard worker, being a real estate broker is an easy job. You have to be prepared to go to work early, finish up late and work 7 days a week when need be. Always make sure you turn up to viewings on time to ensure a good relationship with both client and tenant! As long as you’re willing to go that extra mile you can’t fail!”



“Harrison was very involved in helping me to rent my property from day one. He actively worked on it, kept me updated regularly and found a tenant in a short period of time. I am quite happy with his service and can easily refer him to my friends” (Arda)

“Very proactive, transparent and professional...” (Pablo)

“Harrison has shown outstanding support all through my long search for a convenient apartment in the Greens. If it was not for his devotion and thoughtful guidance, I wouldn’t have materialized a successful deal.” (Nourhan)

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