For the inaugural episode of Bayut’s Big Closers, our host Linzi McLelland sat down with Conor McKay, one of the youngest brokers at haus & haus Real Estate Broker, who recently closed a deal for a mansion in the neighbourhood of Dubai Hills for AED 60M, thanks to a Bayut lead. Have a look at what he had to say.

Conor’s journey to becoming one of Bayut’s Big Closers

Conor started his real estate career in Dubai at the age of 19. When he started out he faced multiple rejections because he was considered too young to work in real estate. But Conor didn’t lose hope; he persevered and found a job as a broker with haus & haus, one of the leading real estate companies in Dubai.

He has since then, completed three years with the company and has closed massive deals, with his biggest one being the deal of AED 60M which he received thanks to Bayut.

Conor’s outstanding performance in these three years didn’t go unnoticed. He managed to secure Bayut’s prestigious Agent of the Month Award, which is one of the most elite Dubai real estate awards a broker can receive. As Conor mentions, this award helped him gain a lot of exposure and helped to establish him as one of the best in the region.

The AED 60M deal: how did he get it?

The story of how this lead came to Conor is a special one. It actually didn’t come through for the AED 60M villa in the Dubai Hills area, it came through for a property which Conor was selling on Palm Jumeirah. Although the same property was listed with a few other agents, Conor believes that the fact that it came with the TruCheck™ badge is the main reason why he was able to get that lead on the Palm Jumeirah villa. TruCheck™ is one of the bespoke features of BayutPro which is exclusively available to real estate agents registered with Bayut. It authenticates the availability of a property and helps the listing get a better ranking on Bayut. TruCheck™ is what helped to push Conor’s listing to the top and eventually get that phone call. He further elaborated that TruCheck™ is, in fact, his favourite feature on BayutPro because he’s got a lot more leads than other agents.

Converting the lead into a sale

The buyers who contacted Conor had their hearts set on purchasing a villa in Palm Jumeirah. They reached up to the point stage where an offer was made and the cheque was provided for one of the villas in Palm Jumeirah, but the deal didn’t manage to go through.

Conor then tried pitching the Dubai Hills property to them, but they weren’t interested in it. But even though the buyers couldn’t find a property that met their expectations Conor was determined to help them find a home they were happy with which is an essential trait real estate agents in Dubai should have when converting a real estate lead to a sale.

In a final effort to help the buyers find their dream home, Conor took them to Dubai Hills by telling them ‘we’re going to see a villa on The Palm. The Dubai Hills property was one of three ready villas in the area that was located close to the golf course. It was 22,000 sq.ft and the plot was 34,000 sq.ft and the buyers just fell in love with it. And just like that, they made the offer and Conor managed to convert a Bayut lead into a transaction of AED 60M!

Bayut’s support with Conor’s success

When asked about how Bayut has supported Conor throughout his career as a real estate agent in Dubai, he mentions the exposure and presence he received with the Agent of the Month award.

He further explained how he benefitted from BayutPro features such as SmartLeads™, which helps him communicate with clients professionally. He loves how the notifications come right through the phone and how he can instantly find out what the lead is interested in and which properties they are searching for online.

Conor’s advice to young agents

Conor has just two words for real estate brokers in Dubai looking to close big deals as he does, and that is “work hard”. He highlights the importance of remaining focused by setting targets and goals as well as finding your comfort zone in your field.

About Bayut’s Big Closers

Bayut’s Big Closers offers viewers a first-hand account from ‘Big Closers’ in the industry and how they are closing deals worth millions, just by using Bayut and its exclusive features. With this show, we aim to open a dialogue to help educate real estate professionals in the industry on how to be successful and positively contribute to the UAE property market.

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