18th MAY 2022, DUBAI, UAE: The official air date for Dubai Hustle – a new factual entertainment TV series produced by Multistory Media for BBC Three featuring leading Dubai property firm haus & haus – has been confirmed as airing on 23 May 2022. The show can be seen on BBC Three and iPlayer and will air in two parts, the second part airing later this year.

Described by the BBC as a series that follows “….a group of 20-something real estate brokers from across the UK as they try to earn the big bucks in this playground for the super-rich. With exclusive access to one of the busiest high-end, Brit-owned property agencies in the city [haus & haus], this sun-soaked series will follow the young agents' fortunes as they navigate their way through this cutthroat and highly competitive world."

“The stakes are high for these plucky Brits: if they don’t land the deal, then a broker from a rival company will. But if they work hard, hustle hard, and have a bit of luck on their side, there’s big money to be made and a lifestyle they could only dream of.”

Multistory Media – a UK production company – has been working with haus & haus on Dubai Hustle since March 2021, filming the cast as they establish themselves in the challenging and exciting world of Dubai real estate.

James Perry, Managing Director of haus & haus said: “This is aspirational television for young people. We hope it inspires others to widen their ideas about what they are capable of; there are so many great opportunities out there!”


About haus & haus:
Founded in 2013, haus & haus is a leading Dubai real estate agency with an established record of achievement and delivery in Sales, Leasing, Holiday Rental, Property Management, Commercial, and Property Investments. With a large and rapidly expanding team of highly qualified property consultants, certified by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), haus & haus excel in terms of professionalism and industry expertise, helping thousands of customers to achieve their property dreams. A regular recipient of top industry awards, the company is now featured in a BBC Three factual entertainment TV series Dubai Hustle which follows a group of its young new recruits.

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