When selecting our newest team members, a great deal of attention and focus goes into making sure that the right type of candidate becomes a member of the haus family. Just what is that type? Someone who lives and breathes the 5 values that reflect the haus philosophy.

These values are:
1. We work in work.
2. We do what we say.
3. We are positive & proactive.
4. We listen & learn.
5. We obsess over customers.

The haus ethos flows down right from its 3 founding directors – Luke Remington, James Perry and Simon Baker – who, right from the start, instilled a ‘roll-up-your sleeve’ attitude and hands-on leadership that turned the brand into one of Dubai’s most respected and reputable real estate agencies in a short span of time, winning multiple regional and international awards.

This can-do, positive attitude gets trickled down to each and every member of the team, who learns from day one, to keep the client at the heart of everything we do. Each new team member gets instilled with passion and empathy, so that they understand the importance of moving, buying or investing in Dubai property from a client’s perspective. By respecting our staff and clients, we maintain a personal touch that makes a lasting impression. That’s why our team members don’t just turn up for work, they get involved, contribute ideas and make things happen.

It is this mix of vibrant, positive, enthusiastic, dynamic and dedicated professionals, who live and breathe the communities they operate within, that has taken haus & haus to new heights. As a real estate agency, we believe in providing our team with an amazing work environment, an inspiring vision, a genuine, honest approach, open door policy and a positive, friendly and diverse atmosphere.

We work as a collective unit in which each member makes a difference by getting involved and contributing to our success. We are one of the rare agencies in the real estate market with true street presence, and certainly a leader in occupying one of the largest retail spaces to welcome clients.

Our company culture promotes constant growth, consistent forward momentum and an exceptional platform for our team to be the best that they can be. As a real estate company, haus & haus believe in growth and constant re-invention.

Due to our open door policy, we don’t discourage applicants without previous experience in real estate from applying, as long as their values and principles are in sync with the haus ethos. We reward success and fast-track high achievers, to make sure each member is an expert in their area. We believe in constant self-improvement to give our members all the opportunities and assistance they need, to shine like the stars we know they can be.

Luke Remington

If you believe that you’re a perfect fit to our vibrant team, are a go-getter, and looking for a position in the real estate market; get in touch today: careers@hausandhaus.com