Alongside exceptional growth, we have always tried to maintain exceptional levels of customer service as the business has been scaled. Initially, just three Directors in a small 1,000 sq.ft office in Business Bay, we have consistently found talented people who share the same values along our journey – people that want to create the highest level of experience for our clients. How? By only recruiting the best, the friendliest, most capable, most honest and professional – those brimming with energy and experience. True haus & haus ambassadors at heart.

We still maintain that our USP’s revolve around phenomenal customer service, with clients first and foremost in our train of thought – night and day. A significant purpose of the brand is offering a platform that gives exceptional training and support so that employees can chase their dreams, in an environment where they have every tool to deliver in a competitive market. By employing quality people who embody the spirit of what we are trying to do as a company, we wholeheartedly agree that this is directly proportionate to what the client feels when engaging with us.

Being one of a very limited number of agencies with true ‘street presence’ in the Dubai market, we hope you enjoy the new space as much as our team do…

The feedback we have had over the years is both incredible and encouraging. Are we there yet? Absolutely not – Dubai real estate is a never ending hamster wheel if you have ambition, drive and the sole purpose of being the best that you can be. Every day has momentum and clarity built on making the process faster, sharper, more clear, more professional and well, just better. That is our drive. That is our motivation.

More bodies need more space, and as the team has got bigger we have needed larger offices to house the haus & haus team. Three head offices in, at the start of 2020 we set clear ambitions with regards to growth and although Covid has meant that we have had to shift, tweak and re-think some of our plans and ideas – our goals have never wavered. Which brings us nicely to R001, Building 7, Gold & Diamond Park

4 board rooms, 2 access doors, 4m high ceilings, 70m of windows, 141 desks, 420 plug sockets, 11,200 metres of cables…all packed into 8,000 sq.ft of space. More than just numbers, our flagship office was built with the same care and attention that every bit of our business demands…and gets. Being one of a very limited number of agencies with true ‘street presence’ in the Dubai market, we hope you enjoy the new space as much as our team do…drop in for a coffee, chat, or just a nosey! Our team has a whole array of departments, so that whatever your property need – we can give professional advice, educate or just fill the gap. Try us, you will not be disappointed…

James Perry

We are also in the market for superheroes. If you are a talented broker and want a confidential conversation on jettonising your career, all of the latter applies – just please don’t forget your CV!