One of our top brokers, Cherisse, was a teacher prior to joining us. Although she didn’t have any sales experience, she has a great work ethic and an infectious personality that clients love. Another example is our current top leasing broker Harry. Just a few years ago he was selling caravans in the UK and recently has been presented with an award from Propertyfinder, for 12 transactions done during April at the height of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Due to the recent Covid situation, we have had a number of cabin crew that have joined us – their customer service, personalities and ability to maintain tight procedure is second to none. A great fit for this working environment.

"Everything is available within the company so you can show yourself in the best light, which in turn will help with building yourself in this market."
– Emma Louise King, Head of Recruitment at haus & haus

I believe that a brokers journey starts from within yourself; belief and motivation is a key driver in being successful. We will train you how to do the role but you need to listen and learn, take it in and really embrace what we are doing at haus & haus. What skills are required to make it a success? The answer is not as straightforward as you think – having sales experience is a bonus and especially if you come from direct sales role such as car sales or insurance; but more importantly you need to be able to speak to people and engage with them – they need to trust you and believe in your brand. Hard work and pure graft are big drivers of being a top broker in Dubai. You will be juggling a number of activities on a daily basis, and as with everything we do in haus & haus the clients are our number one priority, so that means being flexible, reliable and honest with your clients. You will be building yourself as a brand so you need to be confident and know your market well.

I believe haus & haus have the best marketing strategy in Dubai and you will have direct access to benefitting from this. Everything is available within the company so you can show yourself in the best light, which in turn will help with building yourself in this market. If I look at the team we have currently it is amazing to me that they are all so different – some have years of real estate experience but many have come from a wide variety of different positions and industries. But I think what makes us a leading company, is we all have the passion and commitment to deliver an exceptional service to our clients. We are all devoted to the brand which is driven down from the Directors and Management team. We are more than haus & haus; we are a family and we will welcome you into it and help you to be the next best rock star agent in Dubai.

This article was originally published by Emma Louise King – Head of Recruitment at haus & haus


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