Let's be honest, waking up before the sun and resisting the urge to stay in bed takes a lot of discipline. That's one of the benefits that come with our weekly 'haus Therapy' workouts – one of the many things we do to get stronger as a team and encourage healthy habits.

As a company, health and well-being are our top priorities – which is why every week our team members break a sweat in an exclusive training session before smashing it at the office.

The workouts are mainly focused on strength and conditioning, with a good amount of cardio and a ton of challenging exercises. From carrying sandbags to killer bodyweight movements, there's a whole new set to push through every week.

Besides taking care of our bodies, there are many other benefits to these team sessions – the first one being, well, the team aspect. Getting together to complete a tough workout is a great way to form stronger bonds with colleagues outside of the office. Many exercises involve two or three people as well, so we constantly rely on each other to reach our goals just like we do at work.

"In our sales training, I always tell the new starters to look at the world's most influential people – they're usually very disciplined and have a strict morning routine," said haus & haus Sales Trainer Cliona Loughnane. "Sometimes you just have to push yourself a little, it's not easy but it's definitely worth it."

Ticking off our workout before 7am also helps us feel accomplished and energised for the rest of the week (with a little help from Encounter Coffee at our new office).

Luke Marston, Arabian Ranches Leasing Consultant, is also a regular attendee. "I find it really important to make time to unwind and take care of myself, and I’m glad haus & haus supports that” he comments. “The classes are tough but also adaptable to all levels. It’s also great to see colleagues outside of ‘work mode’ and set ourselves up for a productive day ahead!”

And we couldn’t agree more. When it comes to supporting our clients, this new routine has helped us sharpen our focus and productivity so we can show up and give our best every day.

From working out together to encouraging each other at work, this haus knows how to succeed as a team.