haus & haus currently hires up to 25 new employees per month, so getting people up-to-speed efficiently and quickly is essential.

To give the recruits a head start, the haus & haus training and marketing experts have created an online learning package called Lighthaus which allows a combination of content types including video, audio, quizzes, surveys, and reading. It will ensure learners stay engaged while receiving relevant information to boost their individual skillset.

With an intuitive interface and easily accessed on any device, learners can jump into the online system that uses leading management tool Talent LMS. This e-platform perfectly complements the ongoing in-person training employees receive at haus & haus.

“We chose Talent LMS due to its user-friendly front end, gamification features, and highly customisable module creation options,” explained James Glass, haus & haus Sales Trainer.

“Our main objective with Lighthaus was to make the transition to working in Dubai real estate easier for our new brokers – especially those joining from overseas. Our new recruits have given great feedback so far about the content we have created for them.”

Soon, haus & haus will use the new system to create in-depth training courses and modules for each department so that team members can keep improving their performance and update their knowledge on any new industry requirements.

James added: “At haus & haus we take pride in the quality and calibre of our employees, and we want to invest in them every way possible to allow them to be the best they can be. Lighthaus will help us get there.”

The new management system has been embraced by the haus team and there have been some exemplary results. For example, two of our recent recruits completed the online training within 24 hours of it being sent to them – both scoring 100% on every learning assessment. Impressive stuff!

Here’s what they said about using Lighthaus...

Harrison Bryan, Leasing Consultant
“Having completed the Lighthaus training and after being given an eye-opener to what the future holds for Dubai and my career, I am even more excited to join haus & haus. I liked the videos containing the information about projects of the biggest property developers in the UAE; I also loved the clarity and breakdown with all the bullet points, this helped me remember things a lot easier.”

Ciara Murray, Leasing Consultant
“The videos used throughout were informative and interesting and I found the platform easy to navigate. The use of points/rewards is encouraging and made the experience more enjoyable. As someone who grew up in Dubai, I would have expected most of the first few courses to be irrelevant to me – however, it was a great way of refreshing my knowledge and updating me on new developments! Overall, it’s fantastic and I doubt many other agencies in Dubai come close to this standard of training.”

James Glass Final

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