There are several reasons why you should continue to engage with a reputable real estate broker:

I have been involved with the Dubai real estate market since 2003, working with several high-profile agencies along the way. Part of being a broker involves training then passing a brokerage examination from the local regulatory authority, RERA.

I know who is flexible with their pricing and payment plans, who has a bank on-board to offer a mortgage and I know who to talk with to get resolution when there is an issue. I also know how reliable they are in terms of past projects, their quality of finish and their customer service, who has the reputation for managing the property after handover, and who has no interest in looking after the clients after the sale is made.

"I can take a step back and see both the positive and the negatives without the rose-tinted spectacles of a developer’s sales person." 

Steven Leckie, Off Plan & Investment Consultant at haus & haus

Taking a wider socio-economic perspective, it is very important to learn as much as possible about how the project will be impacted by future infrastructure plans and other developments in the area.

Being ‘legal’, well-trained and motivated, I am here for the long-term in Dubai, always offering my clients an unbiased perspective and the best advice of the local property market and most importantly a high level of service before, during and after you have made your decision.

Developers, on the other hand, generally experience a high staff turnover as the vagaries of the economic climate result in a ‘roller coaster’ recruitment regime. Front and backoffice personnel come and go on a regular basis, producing both a lack of continuity and a human face at the time of your life when you are about to make a critical financial commitment.

Acting purely as a buyer’s agent, I have access to properties listed by all 758 Dubai-based developers. You receive a wide perspective of the market, not the narrow ‘pinhole view’ obtained from a developer limited to only showing their projects.

I can take a step back and see both the positive and the negatives without the rose-tinted spectacles of a developer’s sales person. Developers’ sales staff are trained to tell only one part of the story, understandably it’s always a positive one and it always has a happy ending.

Because we are licensed professionals, there are serious repercussions if we do not act in the best interests of our clients, we are always accountable. In addition, I rely on referrals and repeat business to build my clientèle base that I need to thrive in this market.

Yes, I earn commission but generally all developers pay exactly the same rate so money is not the driver when I am giving advice. I just want to make sure that potential buyers are provided with all the facts so that they can make a decision.

I always take the long-term view. I never push people to make a decision because I know there are always options now and in the future so the investor must be comfortable and confident before signing the cheque. My many years of experience have taught me that this works for me and for my clients – I sleep well at night.

Insights from Steven Leckie, Off Plan & Investment Consultant at haus & haus  | +971 50 277 0078

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