In short, this young man’s energy, politeness, nonpressuring style, going the extra mile and most of all ‘doing what he says, when he says’ has been invaluable.

Nigel M. reporting about his experience to James Perry, Managing Director at haus & haus:

“Dear James, I hope I have the right address and that it is OK to drop this line to let you know what a superb job Tom has done in getting me into accommodation here in Dubai.

Having worked in Qatar and Abu Dhabi, I know that getting good accommodation quickly is vital, especially in minimising the delay in getting family out and avoiding turgid days and nights in hotel bedrooms!

Not knowing anyone in Dubai when I was appointed in July, I simply googled, found haus & haus, and saw what I thought were UK faces in the website.

That was a good start. Then I picked a random name and number and just called it, at 9pm UAE time! It was Tom. From that moment on, he has been superb. Nothing has appeared to be a bother to him. The next day, he picked me up, took me to Arabian Ranches and showed me four villas. He must have spent 2-3 hours with me, explaining the set-up, districts, Dubai quirks, etc and the took me back to my hotel at the airport.

Throughout July and August, he stayed in touch with me as I went back to the UK and, although those villas had gone in the meantime, he got in touch again when I arrived in Dubai last Saturday to start work. By Sunday night he had arranged three more villas to see, which we viewed on Monday. I made my decision on Tuesday and he worked like crazy on the paperwork so I had my tenancy agreement signed by both me and the landlord yesterday, and he met me last night to handover my copy and to give me the keys! He even arranged with the landlord to get him to do whatever is needed in relation to UAE registration (is it called something like Ajari?) so that I can get the water and electricity on asap.

In short, this young man’s energy, politeness, non-pressuring style, going the extra mile and most of all “doing what he says, when he says” has been invaluable. I can imagine that he gets only a small commission on each deal he does, and so to have observed the level of service he gave me, in and out of hours, is most impressive. And to have a great villa within four days of arriving into the country, and in the week leading up to EID, is seriously impressive, as far as I’m concerned.

I will certainly be recommending him to everyone I speak to out here and, as I am on a 3-5 year contract in Dubai, I will be looking him up if we decide to move around the city in the future. If all of your agents are like him, you are a very fortunate guy!”

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