As we move into a fresh new year and, thankfully, leave the pandemic behind us – there’s no doubt that many companies are still grappling with what being ‘at work’ should look like for their employees in the modern era.

Surveys show that post-Covid the best international recruits are more discerning and actively seeking out organisations where their talents can be unleashed in a flexible, inspiring environment.

According to a recent report by the Gensler Research Institute, “…top employees are looking for offices that are both effective in supporting their ability to focus on their work and offer a more desirable mix of experiences.” In short, they want the best of all worlds.

So, forget soulless cubicles and strict hierarchies, smart companies should now offer a holistic environment that nurtures their employees’ wellbeing and allows them to shine as individuals.

Adopting new technology is central to this equation. Who wants to go back to life before Zoom meetings and Teams calls, online workflow systems, and AI support? Fully embracing digitalisation and cutting-edge comms is a non-negotiable in 2023.

So, as haus & haus launches its state-of-the-art new Dubai office, here are six ways we think firms can create a great place to work...

"The design of the new haus & haus office revolved around five key pillars: a space to welcome, a space to dine, a space to meet, a space to work, and a space to recharge. Careful planning allowed the blurring of these zones."  David Ewing, Associate Director at LXA

An attractive, free-flowing office

A great place to work starts with a great aesthetic. Beautiful, tasteful office design gives workers a sense of pride and can even boost creativity. Additionally, open plan offices with plenty of space allow for free-flowing collaboration between different departments and avoid that ‘boxed in’ feeling that often turns people off corporate life.

We’re loving the new haus & haus office for exactly these reasons. Elegant, spacious, and inviting, it makes quite a first impression (if we do say so ourselves).

Here’s what the creative mind behind the design – David Ewing, Associate Director at LXA – had to say:

"The design of the new haus & haus office revolved around five key pillars: a space to welcome, a space to dine, a space to meet, a space to work, and a space to recharge. Careful planning allowed the blurring of these zones. For example, the coffee shop area was important as it was a flexible space where multiple functions could be achieved. A clean and minimal design language was adopted with finishes to allow continuity between the existing office next door.”

Indeed. And we couldn’t love it more.

Collaboration areas

Within a well-planned modern office should be collaboration areas so that co-workers – perhaps from completely different parts of the business – can sit in an atmosphere of discussion and teamwork.

Not only do collaboration areas encourage one-to-one/small group chats away from individual desks, but they also help build a sense of company community (more on this below).

Purpose built spaces

However, there are times when what you really need is a quiet, purpose built space – especially if you’re recording a podcast like our Dubai Real Estate Unplugged series.

Our high-tech podcast suite is a plush, soundproofed space where the three haus MD’s and guests let the insights and chat flow freely every two weeks.

We also have several separate soundproof booths for private client discussions, intimate company meetings, and when team members just want a moment of peaceful contemplation.

Wi-Fi, sockets, wireless chargers

With the amount of tech most of us carry around for work – laptops, mobiles, iPads, you name it – being able to charge up on the go can eliminate a lot of stress.

That’s why contemporary offices like ours – with its wireless chargers, for example – are designed to make staying connected a breeze. Plus, all meeting rooms have TV's, cameras and microphones so that the team can easily connect with international clients, partners, and employees.

Small things really do make a huge difference when it comes to work life success and happiness.

A sense of community (tip: coffee helps)

The truth is we often spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our friends or family, so fostering a sense of community makes a workplace much more enjoyable.

A good example in the haus is our brand new Encounter Coffee Shop – a funky space in the middle of the new office to grab a freshly brewed cup, catch up with work pals, and just hang out for a bit.

A positive company culture

This is such an important factor and yet is so often overlooked. A positive company culture can make or break an organisation’s reputation when it comes to recruiting staff – that’s why setting out your values clearly and honestly is essential.

At haus & haus we base everything we do on five core values: we work in work, we do what we say, we are positive and proactive, we listen and learn, and we obsess over customers.

And the new office is adorned with motivational quotes so that we’re reminded daily what’s possible when working in such a visionary city.

A perfect example is this inspiring quote from H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai: “We say what we do and we do what we say. This is Dubai.”

James Perry

Curious to see the new haus office? Stop by for a visit (and a coffee!).