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PF: Congratulations! Tell our audience about your latest achievement, which is the reason why you won this month’s Outstanding Agent Award for Dubai.

"Thank you. I won the Outstanding Agent Award for this month based on a luxury off plan property I sold in one of Dubai’s upcoming hottest communities. The property has a contemporary design set on a world-class golf course offering supreme views of Downtown Dubai and Burj Khalifa.

However, the story behind the transaction is why I believe I won the award. The buyer was a long-term client of mine who I met around two-and-a-half years ago when I was dealing in luxury leasing. I found the family a beautiful property after three months of searching and I always kept in touch with the client, even going to the lengths of stopping by their home with a gift at Christmas. Some time later, they contacted me with regard to making a big purchase. After six weeks of searching the market and seeing every possible option, we found and finalised on a high-end transaction.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances shortly after this, the deal fell through.I remained extremely calm and positive as at this level, there is a lot of reward at stake in terms of financial gain, and even when things don’t go right, you have to maintain your mindset. I reassessed and started the search once again.

This time around, three months down the line, we found another fantastic option for the family and swiftly negotiated a deal to finalise their dream home."


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PF: Tell our audience 3 things that set you apart from other agents. Why should they give YOU a call when looking for a property in Dubai?

"Knowledge – I am extremely knowledgeable when it comes to luxury property, especially within my main areas of expertise. I make sure to know everything about the property I am offering, the community, positives and negatives and other competition. This helps me service clients correctly while giving them honest and knowledgeable factual information to help them make their final decision.

I always do what I say I am going to do. I show up on time while looking professional no matter what, and I make sure I work with every single seller or buyer to get them the deal they want.

Positivity and persistence – I am always positive no matter the situation and extremely persistent to make sure my clients get what they came for."

"I am always positive no matter the situation and extremely persistent to make sure my clients get what they came for."

Conor McKay, Luxury Consultant at haus & haus

PF: What is the ONE piece of advice you’d give to agents who are new in the market, or are struggling to close their deals?

Conor: "Obsess over your customers. By doing this, you will ultimately earn respect and gain future business constantly."

PF: How long have you been using Property Finder? What are the 3 key benefits you see from being Property Finder’s client, and how do you use them to your advantage as an agent?

"I have been using Property Finder for three years now. Three key benefits for me are:

  • Verified listings – Verified listings are a massive steps towards authenticity in the market in terms of properties which are actually available. The fact that before listings go live now, all correct documents are in place means the verified listings you will see online are genuinely helping clients.
  • Find Agent – The Find Agent page on Property Finder allows tenants/ landlords/ buyer/ sellers to find an agent who specialises in their area of interest, speaks their language for communication and sets transparency for the background and profile of an agent.
  • Exposure – Property Finder is the largest portal in the UAE. The exposure given to agents and the quality of the leads are fantastic. Also, the quality of leads is what sets you apart."


PF: What does winning the Outstanding Agent Award mean to you? Why would you recommend others to enter?

 "Winning this prestigious award for the second time means the world to me. It is a testament to the hard work which goes on behind the scenes that people don’t see often. It gives me great personal satisfaction and was one of my goals for this year following the success from this award last year. I recommend others to enter as you can benefit massively with this great opportunity, in case you win."


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