Dubai Real Estate in 2021 – Get your Free Guide

Welcome to your property investment guide – The Dubai property market has seen its fair share of fluctuations over its brief twenty-year history. There have been huge growth periods and some dramatic declines – this can make investing here seem a daunting prospect. Recently, the global pandemic brought unprecedented challenges, yet Dubai’s real estate market fared incredibly well – putting many other major global cities in the shade. Back in May 2020, the government launched major initiatives as part of its national recovery plan to ensure a speedy recovery from the effects of COVID-19, and this has proven highly effective. Dubai’s real estate market has been on a stellar growth track since January 2021, with each month seeing record-breaking sales numbers.

Real estate is an easy and lucrative way to invest in Dubai, if having the right market know-how In terms of rental returns, you will be buying into one of the best cities in the world with 5-7% net return a very realistic average. Plus, the minimum financial requirement to apply for a three-year visa through investment in Dubai’s booming residential property market has been recently reduced from Dh 1 million to AED 750,000.

Are you thinking of investing in Dubai, relocating or buying a home here? Not sure when is the best time? We’ve created this Property Investment guide just for you, to help you understand the Dubai property market and its trends. Download it for free by clicking the below button:

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