Dubai Real Estate in 2022 – Get your Free Guide

If you’re looking to invest in Dubai’s famous real estate market, then your timing simply couldn’t be better. The emirate has eased out of the global pandemic with enviable efficiency and the property sector has been on a stellar growth track since the start of 2021, with each month seeing record-breaking sales numbers.

The real estate landscape is more favourable too due to proactive measures by the government such as visa reforms, new expat-friendly policies, and a range of buyer incentives. On top of this, the Dubai Expo 2020 may have finished but analysts predict its positive impact on the economy and real estate will be reflected in the months and years ahead. All of this has meant we’re already seeing a very buoyant 2022. Real estate is an easy and lucrative way to invest in Dubai, if you have the right market know-how. In terms of rental returns, you will be buying into one of the best cities in the world with 5-7% net return a very realistic average.

Are you thinking of investing in Dubai, relocating or buying a home here? Not sure when is the best time? We’ve created this Property Investment guide just for you, to help you understand the Dubai property market and its trends. Get the guide by clicking the below button:

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