Buying a home is sometimes complicated, sometimes stressful and is one of life’s key moments – whoever you are. Some buy on numbers, some on emotion. It is important to get the basics right so that you can love and enjoy your home – not resent the purchase through being misinformed, misguided or poorly educated on the process. At haus & haus we have built our reputation through offering clarity, professionalism, transparency and that little je ne sais quoi of confidence that you can only achieve from countless transactions and happy customers.

One way we test our mortgage practices is to ask one simple question: How would I feel if I was receiving this service? By constantly reverting back to this and placing ourselves firmly in the shoes of our clients we are confident that we can offer the best products, at the best rates and with the most pro-active customer service in Dubai – and we make sure we ask the same of any preferred lending partners too.

Pre-approval is a banks pledge that they are happy to lend to you based on certain criteria. It can take a varying amount of time, from a couple of days to a few weeks (usually if you are self-employed). Documents such as wage slips, bank statements and letters from employers are usually submitted and background checks are undertaken by the bank. Getting pre-approval is best done early on so that you can view selected properties with the confidence and assurance that if you find the property of your dreams, we can offer and negotiate knowing that you can sign a Unified Contract F with complete confidence. Don’t worry; if you come out with us viewing and find the perfect property prior to having your mortgage in place, we can turn around applications on the finance side very quickly (and even sign contracts prior to receiving) so that you do not miss out.

Mortgage services in Dubai - Buying new home

There are a whole host of considerations to make when taking out a mortgage here. Interest rates, amount of borrowing, working with a mortgage broker or directly with a bank, costs, freehold versus leasehold, sharia mortgages, early redemption fees, fixed or variable products. These are just a small number of considerations of the puzzle. Going to one bank or lender will often result in a very ‘narrow’ spectrum of lending – usually one product will be offered which is not personalized or tailored to a client’s requirements. By dealing with over 21 different lenders at haus & haus we have no obligation to one party, apart from YOU!

In simple terms we have the flexibility, accessibility and scope to offer varying products that meet your criteria. We have no reason to promote one product, service or bank over another – we do have reason to satisfy our clients and give them the best possible advice. After all, this commitment is not insignificant – most mortgages cover a 20-25 year lifespan. Be safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with the best.