Preparations for Expo 2020 Dubai are “firmly on track,” with the global destination exceeding its pledge of distributing AED360 million non-construction contracts in 2017, it was reported.

It will reach its target of AED11 billion in construction contracts after the awarding of urban planning and event overlay packages due to be finalised early next year.

These packages will be among a number of other opportunities made available by Expo 2020 Dubai in 2018, as it moves into the next stage of its delivery, focused on operational expenditure. Other sectors that will offer procurement opportunities next year to companies of all sizes include design, logistics, health and safety, construction and construction materials.

The total number and value of these contracts will be announced in the coming months.

Manal AlBayat, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Integration at Expo 2020 Dubai, said, “This has been a significant year on the journey to Expo 2020 Dubai, and we are excited to continue our smooth progress into 2018, which will see us offer further opportunities to companies in the UAE and the wider region.

“Expo 2020 is committed to building a long-lasting and sustainable economic legacy not just for the UAE, but for the region, which is why events like the Procurement Conference are important to raise awareness of the opportunities for participation in Expo and to spread them as far as possible.”

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