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What are the latest design trends in Kitchens?

“The latest finishes from Hacker are very organic, with and emphasis on natural textures and dark colours. Volcanic stone is a real crowd pleaser. Not everyone is bold enough to use is but it is something completely different and a real departure from the norm. Rose gold has made its way from the catwalk into the kitchen. We have introduced a rose gold knob and handle which are a departure from stainless steel and chrome.”

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What is this season’s most popular colour and material in Kitchens?

“Grey features strongly with both contemporary and traditional doors. The traditional range now comes in very striking dark colours, not usually associated with this style of kitchen. Plinth lights have been around for years and are always popular. Instead of using lighting on the base we can design it into the handle rail which is adjustable from warm to cool light. Under cabinet lighting can also be adjusted now creating various ambient effects according to your mood.”

"Rose gold has made its way from the catwalk into the kitchen. We have introduced a rose gold knob and handle which are a departure from stainless steel and chrome."  Rohit Patel, Senior Designer at Hacker Kitchens UAE

How do you go about creating your designs?

“We understand that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. It has become a space that goes way beyond just cooking and eating. It’s a place for reading, celebrating, sometimes a quiet retreat, sometimes pulsating with family life, so it’s no wonder that the requirements for this space have changed.

We start by taking a detailed brief from the client, getting to know and understand them, their culture, background and the overall feel they are trying to achieve. We need to know how they will use the space: if they are passionate about cooking then appliances will become even more important. If they have a family then they may need more storage and practical features.”

What are your tips for new home owners or people looking for a design revamp?

“Most of our clients are looking for space saving solutions when renovating. Making the most of the space and designing ergonomically is always at the top of our list. We still need to keep design in mind and provide a kitchen that is still visibly pleasing and fit for the family or individuals that live in it. It’s great to involve children in the kitchen, not just at meal times and during food preparation but also for socialising. Depending on the age of the children, an island unit with a breakfast bar allows them to interact with parents whilst they are cooking and also acts as a useful homework area.”

What’s next for Hacker?

“Technology is now a key part of kitchens: innovations such as back-lit drawers and climbers that open at a touch of a button are now very popular. We even have extractors that adapt to the height of each kitchen user. Here at Hacker we work with range of clients and budgets, from the biggest penthouses to family villas and single apartments. We’ve just launched our 2019 range which takes inspiration from the modern industrial trend, bringing concrete into the home in a smooth, stylish and liveable way.”

Article by Rohit Patel, Senior Designer at Hacker Kitchens UAE, the world’s leading luxury German kitchen manufacturer.