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This destination is within driving distance from Dubai and makes the perfect getaway. There are a few stunning hotels to choose from on the mountain top along with camping spots for incredible views of the natural beauty of Oman. Plus the best thing about the mountains is they can be up to 10 degrees cooler than sea level, so it's perfect to escape as we start to head into the summer. Nizwa is pretty close by for you to explore their souq and Nizwa fort and you can relax back on the mountain in the evening with a campfire or BBQ. It's also a very family friendly break.

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This vibrant city is a popular one with a Dubai residents and is a quick three hour flight away. It's a wonderful break if you're wanting something that feels very different to the UAE. You'll find a mix of rich history in the city surrounded and even a beautiful nature reserves if you fancy a drive out of the city. Key places include the historic Old Town, The Palace of Shirvanshahs and if you have someone who isn't much of an adventurous foodie type then they'll love that the food offers many dishes quite similar to Middle Eastern tastes.

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Bahrain is known for its foodie scene and is a great short city break if you want to keep yourself within the familiar gulf culture. There are many beautiful hotels to choose from, with most of the common big brands we already know and love in the city. Explore some of Bahrain's history, wander around Manama souq or visit the famous Tree of Life. Bahrain is a great choice for a quick Eid holiday without giving up your home comforts.


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This stunning and affordable island is perfect for a quick break from the busy lifestyle of Dubai. Offering stunning beaches and breathtaking nature, this often overlooked gem is a wonderful cultural expedition.

Make the most of your trip by staying in the capital Colombo for one night before heading onto another destination. This is perfect for those wanting a more relaxed Eid break and something affordable.

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If you're more of the party kind of person than Beirut heading into the summer is the best place for you. A city with a rich history, Beirut has something to offer for everyone. This coastal city offers a relaxing beauty while still retaining the bustling nature of a city for whichever kind of lifestyle you're wanting for the long weekend. On top of this, Beirut is hugely known for its food scene, so if you're a foodie then you'll absolutely love this destination.


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Not wanting to leave the UAE? Then check out our stunning villa available for short term rental in Five Residences on Palm Jumeirah. With it's palm tree surrounded swimming pool, you'll feel like you've taken a break away without stepping out of the country. So those are our five destination ideas for a quick eid break! Let us know in the comments where you're thinking to go this Eid.

These insights are from our feature blogger Danni B.


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The haus team would like to wish a peace filled Eid Mubarak to all of our friends, family, clients and industry acquaintances.