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Congratulations Charlie to your new role! After 2 successful years as Leasing Director, haus & haus decided it’s the right time to appoint you as the new Sales Director. Why do you believe, you deserve this position and how hard would you say, you had to work towards this achievement?

“Whilst working as the Leasing Director my main focus was to grow the team as effectively as possible, ensuring I had enough time to get everyone into the role for them to be in position to service clients and complete business. I’ve done this by coaching how to follow our 5 core values; we work in work, we do what we say, we are positive and proactive, we listen and learn & we obsess over customers. I’m not the kind of person to say or feel like I ‘deserve’ something however it’s great to see that the Managing Directors respect the success & hard work put in over the past 2 years as the Leasing Director, alongside the time served as a sales broker myself when first joining the company in 2016.”


hausandhaus successfull year 2019 and outlook in 2020

You are the first Sales Director of haus & haus. How do you feel about it? Are you a game changer?

“Personally, it’s a great feeling to be known as the first Sales Director. The role historically has been covered by the 3 Managing Directors. The growth within haus & haus over the past 18 months has been staggering. I believe my existing relationship with all of the Managing Directors, from close collaborative leadership played a huge part in them putting their trust in me to take over and move the sales team forward. I have had time to consider what goals I need to achieve for me to personally see it as a success, they are mainly around the size of the team, staff retention & the individual earnings of the team. This will have a direct result in happy Vendors & Buyers whom are working with at haus & haus. The Managing Directors have set the records up until now, I know what they are and I’m keen to exceed them as soon as possible!”

“My main goal is to ensure the brokers aren’t leaving any stone unturned when it comes to an opportunity to sell a property." – Charlie Bannan, Sales Director at haus & haus

What can the sales team and the entire haus team expect from you for 2020?

“Energy, ideas & plenty of success! With the speed the team is growing throughout the business, I see the best way to manage the growth while ensuring individual success will be with having dedicated points of contact to lead, support & inspire. The whole team will see a shift in energy with the new starters and successful brokers being added to the current Sales team. I’m hoping in the near future we will inspire some very talented brokers within the business to push themselves from the Leasing side of the business to Sales.”

What can clients and business partners expect from haus & haus, having you as Sales Director on board?

“My main goal is to ensure the brokers aren’t leaving any stone unturned when it comes to an opportunity to sell a property. The closer we get them to this, the better our clients are going to be served. I want to be able to look into every one of our clients eyes and tell them we gave 100% effort, time and attention to get the job done for them – whether that be a vendor or someone looking to purchase their first/next home, as ultimately that’s all a client will want from us as an agency; honest advice from an experienced broker who can empathise and educate them through the process. With more success, our business partners will naturally be benefitting as we’ll be working closer with a common goal to make the process as smooth as possible for all of our clients.”

What can you advise to new starters in the Dubai real estate market, who seek for success and leadership positions?

“Simple, become really good at what you do, understand the process & learn how to communicate the process in order to educate others. Secondly, do not wait until you have a title to speak your mind and/or offer a helping hand – in my opinion anyone looking to be successful in a leadership position doesn’t do it for the title on their LinkedIn page, it’s in their nature to assist people to grow and become better at their craft. If anyone can effectively break down a process, teach it & lead by example they have what it takes to lead a team. Anyone who proves themselves within the haus & haus model (or within the industry itself) not only with their ability as a broker, but also with the ability to lead from the front – will be recognised by haus & haus for an opportunity to move the business forward.”

James Perry

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