“If you look at what’s happened in the past year, it’s amazing to be in this position today.” These were the words of Managing Director Luke Remington when haus & haus recently accepted the inaugural dubizzle/Bayut ‘Agency of the Year 2020 Dubai’ award – seeing off 17,000 Dubai companies for the top prize.

This was on the back of also receiving the feefo 2021 Platinum Trusted Service Award – for consistently delivering excellent customer service.

Winning in such a competitive property arena is hard enough – throw in an unprecedented challenge like a global pandemic and that’s when you see the cream rise to the top!

This was the first ever Bayut & dubizzle combined property award ceremony. As two of the leading real estate platforms in the UAE, this was a high-profile accolade for the haus team! “There’s a huge amount of expectation we put on ourselves and our staff, so it’s not just us that won this award, it’s them,” explained Luke at the dubizzle/Bayut awards.

“There’s a huge amount of expectation we put on ourselves and our staff, so it’s not just us that won this award, it’s them!"

Luke Remington, Managing Director at haus & haus

So, what’s our secret? It is the haus formula of hard work, attention to detail, an obsession with customer service, and an ‘all for one, one for all’ team spirit. It also helps that everyone on the team relishes working in this exciting, competitive industry.

As Steve Jobs once put it: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” That’s the haus recipe for success, in a nutshell.

As life starts to get back to normal, things continue to look bright for the year ahead and Q1 2021 has yielded some impressive results. haus & haus saw three consecutive record-breaking numbers month-on-month, for sales revenue as well as for the overall company revenue.

We’ve also significantly bolstered the haus Marketing Department, witnessed 34 Individual personal performance bests, and increased our workforce by a headcount of 32!

As ever, our team continues to be our most valuable asset. We didn’t just scoop Agency of the Year 2020 at the dubizzle/Bayut awards, one of our team members also picked up Dubai Agent of the Year 2020! A huge, well-deserved congratulations to Cathal O’Neill!

Talking at the ceremony, our high-flyer said: “It’s fantastic. Especially in a market where there’s around 5,000 agents, it’s nice to be recognised.”

Cathal puts his success with haus down to a not-so-secret recipe of: “hard work consistently over a long period of time, always trying to improve and trying to provide a better service.”

However, even with all the success and industry pats on the back there’s ZERO chance of us resting on our laurels.

“Winning against so many companies is an achievement,” said haus & haus Managing Director James Perry at the awards. “Although it’s nice to win, there are definitely things we can improve on too.”

So, we are pushing ahead ready to take on the challenges of the rest of 2021, and we’re already seeing some notable market trends that will make life interesting.

Transactional rates are up massively; some villa communities (such as the Arabian Ranches) appreciated by as much as 40% in six months from their mid-2020 lows. New buyer registrations are at an all-time high, while the level of available properties coming to market has slowed as sentiment is that we’re beginning the next upward curve. In terms of properties, there has been a notable shift to villas and townhouses as end users are putting a priority on space – both internal and external. Confidence in the market is back with a bang after six years of steady decline. COVID – and the sharp price decline at the start – seems to have been the required catalyst for a recovery, in-line with the successful way the government has handled the crisis.

There is already plenty of real estate action happening in Dubai in 2021, so watch this space for updates.

Luke Remington

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